Statement on Assisted Dying

On March 26th, following a legal challenge, the Royal College of Physicians made a further statement on assisted dying: So that there can be no doubt, the RCP clarifies that it does not support a change in the law to permit assisted dying at the present time.

This is a welcome clarification when the majority of members and fellows surveyed last year (43.4%) were opposed to a change in the law, versus 31.6% who supported a change. The college’s position of neutrality was supported by 25%. The college also highlighted that only 25% of their members would be willing to participate in ‘assisted dying’ which is a crucial consideration in the wider political and medical debate.

This follows the RCGP reiterating its position of opposition to a change in the law to allow assisted dying. We now await a statement from the BMA whose deliberations continue following their recent poll of members on the subject.